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Kids & Cattle On Show At Pittsworth

Imagine organising one hundred and ten children to stand in a certain spot. Now picture each of those kids leading cattle and while you’re at it, throw in a few adults just for good measure - that is what we did to capture this year’s big group photo at the 2016 Pittsworth Limousin Youth Cattle Camp. What an achievement it was!

110 children, 110 cattle and a group of enthusiastic organisers made the 2016 Pittsworth Limousin Youth Cattle Camp a huge success.

I still manage to get a real kick out of doing things that are a “first” and this was certainly another one of those times. So often we get caught up in doing the same ‘ol thing and very rarely do we branch out and give new things a go. Thinking that they may be too tricky or just a little too challenging or inconvenient. But when you have a team of enthusiastic members who are willing to give things a go, then anything is possible.

As I mentioned in the introduction of this blog, 110 children registered for the 2016 annual Limousin Youth Cattle Camp in Pittsworth last weekend. There were a few younger ones cruising around, who desperately wanted to be a part of all the action but weren’t quite old enough (four being the age requirement for this particular cattle camp) so they got to watch from the sidelines.

It may have been the Limousin Youth Cattle Camp but other breeds of cattle were more than welcome to come along.

The Pittsworth mob certainly know how to put on a good show. From the organisers to the sponsors, from the parents and volunteers to the catering team, and from the children to the people who supplied all the cattle, it wouldn’t be a success if it wasn’t for the enthusiasm you all show and the dedication you all put in to make this event even more superb than the year before.

Hands-on experiences were in abundance at this year Limousin Youth Cattle Camp in Pittsworth.

There were many great moments throughout the three day weekend and I was lucky enough to be there for majority of it. The highlights for me were how everyone supported each other and encouraged each other to give things a go. A halted bear sold at auction for $95 and seeing the delight on the kid’s faces when they went out into the main ring to showcase their cattle. The hands-on experiences were a major draw card again this year and everyone had a blast bidding at the auction on the Saturday night, which raised approximately $9500 for the Limousin Youth Cattle Camp.

The Pittsworth Limousin Youth Cattle Camp raised approximately $9500 for the Limousin Youth Cattle Camp.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the 2016 Pittsworth Limousin Youth Cattle Camp. You all deserve a massive pat on the back for a job well done. You should be very proud of what you achieved and delighted with the end result. You have set a very high standard for next year’s event and that committee.

The 2017 Limousin Youth Cattle Camp is to be held in the South Burnett with Alan and Pat Eagleson, Ulster Limousins, Murgon, and the Evans Brothers from Jen-Daview Limousins, Kingaroy, looking forward to it moving north. What they have in store for twelve month’s time is anyone’s guess, but I for one am very excited!

The Limousin Youth Cattle Camp is heading to the South Burnett in 2017.

May I wish each and every one of you all the very best and thank you again for allowing CCP to be a part of such a tremendous event for youth in Ag.

Until next time, happy snapping.


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