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A Day In The Life Of.....A Cooinda Bull Sale

Cooinda Santa Gertrudis may have been selling their bulls for the past 14+ years but 2016 was their inaugural on-property sale and the Fox family did not disappoint.

With rain falling the day before there were some anxious people around but someone was looking down on the Cooinda mob that day in mid September. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun’s rays shone down on a glorious Saturday afternoon.

From the moment you stepped foot onto the new selling grounds you were transformed somewhere else and it didn't feel like you were attending a bull sale. Except for the selling ring, the bulls, the masses wearing yellow shirts and the agents wandering around of course. You were made to feel welcome and the set up was inspiring. (A perfect set up for all kinds of entertainment). The Rye grass was a talking point and everyone seemed to be relaxed and eager to see what the next few hours had in store. Cooinda Lucky Phil and Cooinda Low Flying Duck topped at an impressive $18,000.

The other notable mentions were Cooinda Liam and Cooinda Luscious. Cooinda Liam was named after Elisa and Chris Fox's middle son and they were glad to see him heading off to a good home.

The most "loved" and "talked about" bull was Cooinda Luscious. He was so quiet and would come right up to anyone he thought would give him a good old scratch and a humble pat. A quiet temperament and a beautiful natured animal whose traits were passed down to him by his mother, whom I am told is exactly the same.

Top X and Landmark were the selling agents on the day and they kept everyone entertained with their quick wit and professionalism.

Congratulations to Chris and Elisa Fox, their family and the Cooinda Santa Gertrudis team for putting on such a superb sale. I wish you all the very best for the next twelve months and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us with the 2017 sale.

Until next time, happy snapping! Cheers Sarah xx

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