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QCWA Connects With Mary Poppins

Over the past ten years, I have had the pleasure of covering the QCWA state conference nine times. The 97th anniversary, which was held in Maryborough this year, should have been my tenth but I feel I had a pretty good excuse for missing last years event in Brisbane......

I had just given birth to our second daughter.

The Queensland CWA ladies have been a part of my life for many years now and have been witness to some of my greatest achievements.....none moreso than these two little cherubs pictured below with me.

Once a year these ladies catch up and celebrate everything CWA. f

From the early years of working alongside the legendary, Malcolm McCosker, and being a photographer for Queensland Country Life, through to supporting and encouraging me when I first branched out and started my own business. The QCWA family has been there for it all.

Many of these women congratulated me when I announced my engagement and were somewhat surprised (or even nervous) the following year when I continuously ran around taking pictures, all the while being seven months pregnant with our first. What a massive four years it has been!

Sarah with her two daughters at the 97th State Conference in Maryborough.

It continues to be one of my favourite annual events and I thoroughly enjoy covering it each and every year. Attending these conferences has broadened my horizons and taken me to places that I may not have visited otherwise. From Charters Towers, where we stopped the main flow of traffic with the help of the local police, to Bundaberg, where I fell in love with Bargara. What a magical little spot that was! I will return one day fore I have yet to see the distillery.

Never have I been disappointed by the enthusiasm, passion and dedication of these incredible ladies. I have seen several presidents (and their committees) come and go and have enjoyed getting to know each and every one of these committed women while they were at the helm.

The loyalty and devotion that the QCWA members show and the common bond that they all share, is empowering. They come from all corners of this great state and for one week, every twelve months, they congregate at a new location and from there friendships are formed, strengthened, renewed and reconnected. The opportunities are endless when you are a part of this association and encouraging the younger generations to get involved is paramount.

If you are wanting to be a part of something great, to be able to meet new, interesting people and form new friendships, then the Country Women’s Association is looking for new members and they want YOU!

The organisation is moving forward, as well as focusing on what they have always been good at doing, and that is helping people and communities in need, especially in the harder times, like at present with the fires, drought and floods. It isn’t until you attend one of these conferences that you start to realise just how much these courageous people do behind the scenes, and more often than not go happily under the radar to get the job done.

QCWA work tirelessly behind the scenes to help those in need and just lending a helping hand.

This year I took both my girls along and could not have done that without the help of Amanda Adams and Taneisha Richardson. These ladies rocked! Not only did we have three little ones running/crawling around and putting smiles on faces (some nervous smiles at that..... Our girls weren’t afraid of the stairs or ladders and when you’re in the middle of toilet training that waits for no man! Or CWA Lady!) Amanda and Taneisha were both new to the CWA but like all legends they took it in their stride and we gave it our all in Maryborough.

This relaxed little town in the Fraser Coast region has a massive heart and its locals have done ‘Mary Poppins’ proud. After a busy week, we quickly checked out a few sights before we headed home. How cool are those pedestrian crossing lights and have you ever seen a more glorious bank. If ever you are close to Maryborough, call in and have a look around - I assure you, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you to everyone who made this my ninth QCWA state conference, another one to remember. May we be back again next year……to not only celebrate ten years but to also live it up in Cairns for a week – what a memorable week that could be?

Plenty of laughter and fun times are had at the annual stat conference.

Click on the link to see images from the 97th QCWA State Conference which was held in Maryborough this year.

Please share this page so that fellow QCWA members know the images are up online and can be purchased from the Coulton's Country Photography website.

Until next time,

Take care,

Sarah xx

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