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Spellbound By Theodore

SPELLBOUND was the key word for the ladies morning tea at the Theodore Show this year, and I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself. There were plenty of smiles, chatter and reminiscing when a few of the ladies got up to discuss what the word meant to them. While coffee, tea, cakes and quiche satisfied the taste buds, artistic strengths were put to the test when it came time to draw a picture that represented being ‘spellbound’.

Coulton's Country attended the Theodore Show for the first time in 2017 and was "Spellbound".

When you look up this word in the dictionary it states the meaning as fascinating, entrancing, enthralling, intriguing, riveting, very interesting, very exciting, thrilling and absorbing (just to name a few). “Being spellbound is when your attention is caught by something, and you just can’t look away, almost as if you were bound by a spell”.

For those of you who don’t already know, I now call this little country town home, and yes I can happily say that I, along with my husband and daughter, are spellbound by Theodore.

For those of you questioning the location of CCP, I am happy to announce that I’m now basing myself from both Toowoomba on the Darling Downs and here in CQ.

Coulton's Country attended the Theodore Show for the first time in 2017 and was "Spellbound".

Now back to this week’s blog. It was a different style of show for Coulton’s Country this one.

Why, you ask?

Because I didn’t make it over to the stud beef cattle (shocking I know) or the horses. The reason for this being I mainly wanted to focus on the local faces and some of the other events that depicted this particular Central Queensland show.

Coulton's Country attended the Theodore Show for the first time in 2017 and was "Spellbound".

What impressed me most about it was the support and encouragement I received and how family-orientated this district is. I am sure there are many other rural towns like this one, but for a new mum (and Dad) who moved away from loved ones to start a new chapter in their lives, this town and its surroundings seems very special. Most importantly, I was able to leave little Miss C with new found friends and feel safe in doing so.

While wandering around the Theodore showgrounds and acknowledging that I have photographed “El-Jay” before I couldn’t help but grab a few more shots. They do know how to draw a crowd and they certainly wowed this mob with their bike skills. Many were impressed by the lad’s jumps, tricks and quick wit. I’m sure boys and girls alike were asking their parents if they could get motorbikes and/or pushbikes after seeing what can be done with them.

El-Jay entertaining the locals at the 2017 Theodore Show.

The horsey people were in awe too, as seven year old, Kobi, showed off her daredevil skills and drew gasps from all around the main ring. Her sister Breanna, from Breanna Jayne Horsemanship, showed everyone how balancing on the side of her horses was natural and riding two horses while standing up the new way - this was definitely one of the highlights for me. They are talented young ladies indeed.

Breanna Jayne Horsemanship at the 2017 Theodore Show.

The competitive streak came out when the chainsaws started up. Spirits were high amongst the men as the Stihl’s revved and grunted their way quickly through logs. Even the ladies showed how to saw through logs the old fashioned way and the sawdust certainly flew.

Chainsaw racing at the 2017 Theodore Show.

The weather was perfect for ice-creams and lollipops. But the good old Dagwood Dog was the overall winner when it came to a show time treat (well for the adults anyway).

I will let the images tell the rest of the story. Thanks again to everyone who made this day possible. For one little person it was rather exhausting, but so worth it!

All too much for this little one at the 2017 Theodore Show.

To view more images from the 2017 Theodore Show CLICK HERE

Until our next adventure,

Stay safe and happy snapping!


Sarah x

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