CCP's Ekka Highlights - 2016

The annual Royal Queensland Show, better known as the EKKA, may be over for another twelve months – however if you are like me, then you still enjoy looking back over peoples photos and seeing what and who was there.

Coulton’s Country covered a few different events and took a mixture of happy snaps this year from “around the ring”. It was definitely a different vibe this year and I found it a little unusual stepping back and not taking control of photo opportunities.

Especially when it came time to capturing the tell-tale images of grand champion exhibits that so defines the stud cattle judging or when ALPA's young auctioneer winners were announced and the finalists all had their photos taken.

On the other hand, it was a real treat catching up with my old work-colleagues and meeting and forming friendships with some of the new QCL team.

Throughout parts of the day it felt like nothing had changed, I was still there mingling with the best and networking like a pro. Even helping out where I could - nothing like getting those ears forward for a fellow photographer!

Another favourite moment is taking candid, serious shots of people and then capturing their reaction once they notice you have taken a photo. A perfect example at this year’s agricultural show was that of well-known show announcer, Mr Angus Lane.

Mr Lane was in deep thought at the Santa Gertrudis ring when I captured this particular moment and how things changed once he saw me with my camera…… Make sure you check out the “Around The Ekka Ring” images to see what I mean.

This year I had the privilege of going up and photographing the 2016 Queensland Country Life Miss Showgirl Awards.

In previous years (on the first Friday) I have been unable to leave the main ring, so this was a nice change. While there I was in awe of these you ladies and was captivated by how capable these young finalists were and how passionate they are towards the Qld show movement and the Ag industry. It is such a wonderful opportunity for young women and if you are considering it – DO IT! You won’t be disappointed, just ask the 2016 entrants from across all parts of the state.

2016 also saw me attend the Comiskey Bazadais Beef Dinner, which was hosted by Geoff and Sonya Comiskey from Central Queensland. What a treat that was. C’Est Bon restaurant chef, Peter Roelfeus, prepared a mouth-watering three course meal that tantalised the taste buds and left us wanting more…it was certainly a delicious way to put a spotlight on the Bazadais breed and the Comiskey’s operation.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into what the highlights were for me this year at Ekka 2016.

Until next time,

Keep smiling and happy snapping!

Sar x

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