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Rural Photographer

Principal and Director of Coulton's Country Photography.


With a dedicated 6 years with Rural Press and Fairfax Media as a Photographer under her hat, Sarah has developed an extensive network and highly developed skills with an inane ability to capture the essence and life of her subjects;- animal, people or landscape.


Sarah is well known in the Stud and Commercial Catttle industries and a familiar face at rural events through her role with Queensland Country Life and has covered the length and breadth of Queensland capturing rural imagery which have featured on the front cover of 'the Bible of the Bush' on many occassions.   


Sarah's natural affinity with people and animals; her beaming smile from behind the lens of her camera; and her highly professional work ethic are as intrinsic to this country born artisan as her exceptional quality of imagery  she captures.


Sarah specialises in Livestock, Rural Events and Social Imagery and is available for Corporate, Real Estate or for Family Shoots with a difference.  Browse through the online gallery and see for yourself the beautiful and unique Coulton's Country images.


 About Coulton's Country Photography  


I have watched, with interest, Sarah Coulton's professional growth as an accomplished rural photographer over the past six or seven years.


Sarah's engaging personality and obvious passion for the bush, and its people, is clearly reflected in her work.


I have found her to have a keen eye for innovative, expressive photography, which captures her topic well.


She has the ability to closely follow an assignment brief, and consistently delivers crisp, well-composed and nicely executed images of a high standard.


Her versatility as an agricultural photographer means she has the capacity to move from 'atmospheric', feature type images to suit magazine production, to stud stock photography for bull sale catalogue work, news or feature story images, or property images for use in marketing campaigns for rural property sales.


In addition, she relates well with country people, and quickly feels at home in their company. Built up over years of on-the-ground work, she has an excellent knowledge of all parts of Queensland and NSW, and a strong network of contacts across all facets of rural industry and within bush communities. 


I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah for a wide variety of rural photographic assignment work. 



Jon Condon

Publisher, Beef Central and Sheep Central websites



“Sarah is the ultimate professional photographer. She connects with people from all walks of life, and of all ages, and works hard to ensure her shots convey personality as well as technical proficiency. She’s creative, co-operative and reliable, and is as comfortable with animals as she is with humans. When working as a journalist at USQ, I did many a job with Sarah, and her photos were on the money every time.”


Liz Wells, USQ Communications Officer




Sarah Coulton was a highly valued member of the Queensland Country Life editorial team as photographer for more than six years. During that time, Sarah traveled extensively across Queensland and northern NSW covering a huge range of events including country shows, field days, bull sales, store sales, conferences and producer meetings.


Sarah honed her skills as a livestock photographer and is now among the most respected in this field in Queensland. She also spent a great deal of time visiting producers on-farm, capturing the moments that make rural life so special. Sarah was a highly organised and diligent worker and displayed great attention to detail in her captioning and notetaking.


While her beautiful photographs were much admired by our readers, one of Sarah’s greatest strengths was her ability to connect with the readers of Queensland Country Life and create long lasting networks across a wide range of rural sectors.


I would recommend Sarah’s work to anyone looking for a talented photographer with a strong affinity for the bush and a deep knowledge of all things rural.


Penelope Arthur, Queensland Country Life Editor




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