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Looking Back On Brahman Week 2020

Twenty-twenty... what a year! My new year's resolution eleven months ago was to start networking again. To get back out there with camera in hand, to drag my children around the countryside visiting agricultural related events that I once attended on a yearly basis. But sadly, like so many others' dreams at the beginning of 2020, it didn't happen and it was all because of Covid-19.

Fast forward six months and life as we know it has changed forever. There's no going back to how it was, I get that, but it is nice to think that things are finally settling down and people are starting to accept this new way of life. As crazy as that sounds! The term social-distancing is now a common phrase and implementing a Covid-Safe Plan has become reality when organising any event, whether it big or small.

During the first half of the year I, like many others, struggled with not knowing when I would see my nearest and dearest again, but other than that, not much in our lives changed to be honest. Yes my photography work slowed down, but I continued to work part-time and even cemented a new position back in August within a whole different industry.

What also happened in the second half of this leap year was that as the restrictions lifted, life behind the lens became busy again. I received phone calls and emails from loyal clients requesting my attendance at their annual bull sales, new clients got in touch asking about CCP's services and my old work colleagues reached out to see if I would be interested in joining their team at the annual Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale. Of course I said yes! I wasn't going to turn down an opportunity to work with Queensland Country Life again at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange. It's been five years since I left there, can you believe that?!! Much has happened in that space of time.

Ok enough reflecting and reminiscing..... where was I.... Ohh yes - so at the beginning of October I took my two girls and a friend to the Gracemere sale yards and that's where we hung out for three days while I photographed bulls for QCL. My friend got to experience her first major bull sale, my children got to see "their bulls" (that is a whole other Blog) and I was able to get back to doing what I love!

This year's annual Brahman Week saw records broken and it was wonderful to be a part of capturing those historical moments. Not only that, it was a real treat seeing familiar faces amongst the daily crowds and being able to catch up with old friends and many other acquaintances throughout the whole event.

Now that the bull selling season is over and done with for another year I thought I would share some moments captured at this years historical Brahman Week where the new record was set at $210,000. If you recognise anyone in the images please feel free to tag them in the comments or share this blog with your friends. A number of people have already been in touch to purchase images and for those of you who have done so, Thank You!

Now I open it up to everyone else and hope you enjoy looking over the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Until our paths cross again or I share another Blog on my website,

Please take care and stay safe one and all.

Yours sincerely,


Click to view more images here: 2020 Rockhampton Brahman Week

For further information and to view the CCP website click here: Coulton's Country Photography


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