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Senepol Breed Tops Weight Gain

A purebred Senepol steer has recorded the highest average daily weight gain in the popular Callide Dawson Carcase Competition for 2016.

The Senepol steer, bred by Geoff and Alison Maynard from the 5 Star Senepol Stud at Jambin, finished the 100 day competition with an average daily weight gain of 2.82kg/day. The class he was entered in recorded an average daily weight gain of 2.02kg/day. The same Senepol steer also led the average daily weight gain with a figure of 3.52kg/day at the 60 day mark.

A 5 Star Senepol entry leads the weight gain section at the half way mark of the Callide Dawson Carcase competition, with a gain of 3.52kg/day.

Geoff Maynard said looking at these figures, his Senepol steer grew forty percent faster than the average cattle in the competition.

“It’s not often you find a purebred animal of any breed recording these sorts of results. People often enter crossbred cattle into feedlot competitions, because hybrid vigour provides an extra 10-12 percent growth,” Mr Maynard said.

“We’re very pleased with how the Senepol cattle have performed again this year.”

While the Maynard family were thrilled with the result, it’s not the first time they have had success in this particular competition. For the past eight years, they have won the best live weight gain section with both steers and heifers.

Geoff Maynard, 5 Star Senepol, Jambin, presented the Pat Maynard Memorial trophy to the most successful exhibitor, Mike and Vicki Bradshaw, Fairhaven, Banana, and their two sons Fraser and Dustin.

One of the Maynard’s purebred Senepol heifers this year recorded an average daily weight gain of 3kg/day, which was enough to take out second place in the best weight gain section. The Maynard family won third place in the same category with another Senepol cross steer. They also placed second in the pen of three grain fed heifers, and third in the single grass fed export heifer.

Geoff Maynard, 5 Star Senepol, Jambin, won the best live weight gain in feedlot and was delighted that his daughter Bonnie Maynard came third in the same class.

Story - Andrea Schulz

Stand Up Senepol picture - Geoff Maynard, 5 Star Senepols, Jambin

Pictures - Sarah Coulton

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