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Thank You FarmFest 2016

When someone first mentions FarmFest I automatically think back a few years when it was absolutely freezing. I had never been so cold in all my life! So much so that on the final day I felt like I was a human ice-cube! I remember staying with my parents and coming home to an open fire well ablaze and being so cold my bones ached. I usually put FarmFest into either of two categories – it’s either freezing or it’s raining and muddy. I have covered this annual event for seven years now and sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes it can be like what this year’s three-day agricultural festival was like and that was glorious. The weather was beautiful and improved with each passing day and the atmosphere around the field was relaxing and positive. Well, it was for me anyway.

CRT FarmFest 2016 was like a summer's day. The weather was glorious!

Between the networking and socialising there were plenty of photo opportunities. I got to catch up with John Brandon from Boomerang Park, Yangan, and meet his ten year old Senepol bull, Solomon.

John Brandon, Boomerang Park, Yangan, with his ten year old bull Solomon.

I covered the majority of the cattle events on offer, with the highlight being Brad Densley from Steele Rudd Murray Greys, East Greenmount, taking out the supreme champion bull in the Battle of the Bulls, the junior champion heifer and the reserve champion led steer.

Samantha Fletcher, Tenterfield, NSW, with Brad Densley, Steele Rudd Murray Greys, East Greenmount, and his Battle of the Bulls champion.

I also paid a visit to the Great Western site.

Did you know that Gyral is celebrating 60 years this year?

They have changed their machinery colour to green to acknowledge this and the fact they are now under the Great Western Corporation banner. The team for Gyral and Excel were delighted with the number of enquiries and visitors to the site this year.

The Gyral and Excel team from Great Western Corporation at their CRT FarmFest 2016 site.

On a personal note -

I was blown away by the support and encouragement I received from acquaintances, colleagues and friends. To me this year at FarmFest was one of the greatest networking opportunities and I was delighted with how successful the three days were for CCP.

Great Western Corporation team members Stewart Kings and John Powell.

Not only did Coulton’s Country manage to spread its wings further afield, we also opened up new possibilities and the future is looking great. What more could a girl ask for….

Thank you to the people who believe in my work and are passing my details onto others. I am humbled and grateful for everything you do for me and my new business.

Thanks again.

Until next time – happy snapping.


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