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Toowoomba Royal Show 2016

The Toowoomba Royal Show has been showcasing the Darling Downs since 1860 and this year they celebrated their 156th anniversary.

The Toowoomba Royal was my first show for 2016 and the first show I have covered as Coulton’s Country Photography. There were mixed feelings while I mingled with familiar faces and caught up with old work colleagues, but all in all it was a great couple of days.

It was Angus feature show at this year's Toowoomba Royal.

With every show there are many things going on and while I wandered throughout the Toowoomba Showgrounds I managed to capture some of those moments, including the Angus Feature Show, the Darling Downs Rural Ambassador competition and the lovely Miss Showgirl entrants representing our great communities.

Great representation of the Darling Downs communities.

I even stumbled across a turkey (which I have never had the privilege of photographing before). This was a highlight for me. I cannot recall the last time I was in the Poultry and Caged Birds section – strange I know but can you? They are impressive animals and even more so when they are handled correctly for an image to be taken. The funny thing about this and the reason I will not be forgetting this particular turkey in a hurry is that he let all the other birds know he was “free” from his cage. The commotion that erupted from "the others" made for a quick exit on my behalf, and from there I moved onto the alpacas. Apologies to the stewards who had to put up with the noise after I left….Whoops!

Photographing this turkey was a first for me and a highlight of the show.

Do you ever really get to explore everything at a show???

Think about how many shows you have been too and how many parts of that show do you get to visit? This year I am going to set myself a challenge and venture into sections that aren’t as familiar to me and photograph things from there. I look forward to showing you some of the different images I collect over the coming months.

Throughout the 2016 show season I am hoping to cover a variety of different shows around Queensland and display them on my website for people to appreciate and purchase if they so desire. Should your show society be interested in capturing their annual event and keeping those treasured images on file for years to come, you can always contact me at

Capturing different moments at the show including this gorgeous one of the Newlands Family.

Otherwise if you are an exhibitor yourself and would like me to attend a particular show, feel free to flick me an email and we will see what we can arrange.

Until then – happy snapping.

Kind regards


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