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A Day In The Life Of.....WONGA PLAINS

Feedlots - There is something about them. They seem to remind me of when I used to work in the childcare industry. I know it sounds weird but bear with me….

Children are inquisitive little creatures aren’t they? Curious to know what you’re doing, where you’re going and why! Well…so are cattle. Both kids, and cattle, may seem shy at first but once you get to know them they are loving and fun individuals to be around. Once they give you the tick of approval (that you’re a good person) they start venturing closer and want to suss you out. It fascinates me how similar they really are.

Cattle at Wonga Plains Feedlot, Bowenville.

When I go to a Feedlot I am usually driven around and shown everything. During this tour we will pull up at a pen and often I will get out to photograph the bullocks or whatever is in that particular holding. It is as this stage that the cattle sense I am a stranger and they don’t hang around. Ears back, tails up in the air, and they’re off. There is no stopping until some distance has been put between them and you (or they meet the fence at the opposite end and have to turn around). After a minute or two these beautiful bovines cautiously start checking you out, the stranger that does not look familiar yet is unusual and that’s the moment they start creeping back towards said human with a camera. While this is happening I am often imagining them saying, “What’s this crazy two legged creature doing while carrying that big black object. And what is that black thing? Oh wait it just flashed and went click”….whoosh – they’re gone again! This little routine can continue for some time but as long as there are no sudden movements these four legged friends will come back and by some chance shortly after that they will be ‘up close and personal’ with you and your camera.

Cattle are like children, they have an inquisitive side to them.

Recently the Camm Agricultural Group got in contact with me and asked if I would be interested in coming out for a day to freshen up their ‘photo library’. Of course I said yes. They wanted to showcase their organisation through still images. Displaying them in the office and up online. I thought to myself, how exciting is that? I get to spend a day in the life of Wonga Plains and photograph everything this organisation has to offer. I was able to capture through photographic evidence the everyday runnings of the feedlot and what was going on at their Bowenville farm.

Wonga Plains Feedlot at Bowenville is part of the Camm Agricultural Group

Feedlots aren’t all about cattle, well at Wonga Plains anyway. There is so much going on behind the scenes. For the second part of the day I was chauffeured around the crops, yet our first stop took a little detour so I could meet BB and her ever so cute babies. BB is a Berkshire pig and the piglets were only three weeks old when these pictures were taken. They were adorable and couldn’t have cared less whether I was there or not.

Feedlots aren’t all about cattle, well at Wonga Plains anyway. There is so much going on behind the scenes.

I won’t bother rambling on anymore. It’s better if you see the images for yourself. I loved every minute of this day and look forward to going back for another visit soon.

To sum things up while driving around I noticed that the cattle were relaxed and content, the staff were cheery, friendly and jovial and the crops were plentiful and it seemed to me this was part of the everyday norm.

Thanks to Bryce, Amanda and everyone at Wonga Plains Feedlot for allowing me to be a part of your day and giving me this wonderful opportunity.

The geese caught my eye as I was driving out of Wonga Plains Feedlot, Bowenville.

PS … Even the geese were photogenic on the day!

Sarah xx

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