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A Family's Heatwave

Photographing children – you just never know where these little people will take you. Throw in a summer heatwave on the afternoon you planned to do a photo shoot for a lovely family, and it could be a recipe for disaster.

Had they been a local family I would have considered postponing the shoot for a cooler day. But more often than not I work around others availability and this was the only day they were coming to town before Christmas. Gifts were required for loved ones and it was just a click away.

Jason and Amy braved the elements late last year with their two kids, Jackson and Hayley. They made the decision to drive two hours to Toowoomba to run some errands and then have their family captured in time.

Considering everything the day had to offer I absolutely loved photographing this young family. The bubbles were a hit until the magic ran out. Then came the adventures of exploring the Japanese Gardens. What an enchanted oasis this place is, with all its bright colours, water and bird life.

Hayley was kept entertained with the ducks as she preferred finding them hidden under bushes.

Jackson pretended he didn’t want his photograph taken but was keen to strike a pose when he thought his parents weren’t really watching.

As for Jason and Amy…in between their parental duties (of trying to keep two hot and bothered kids calm) we managed to get a couple of quick happy snaps of them too.

There were bridges to walk across and rocks to climb over and even though the water was very tempting, I am happy to say no-one ended up taking a dive. The lush, green grass made for a great spot to capture this loving family. And with the help of a backpacker’s quirky ways and the promise of a swim in the pool after, our session was done.

Family photo shoots don’t always go to plan, but if you’re patient good things come to those who wait.

Until next time - happy snapping!



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