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First Time for Everything

As many of you would be aware I have spent the past six years mainly focusing on cattle when it comes to photographing livestock.

There has been the odd occasion where I have ventured to the Magic Millions and I always try and take a horse pic or two at the annual ag shows. However this was a first for me – taking numerous photos over the weekend during the 41st Dalby Stockhorse Sale.

It was a nice change of pace, even though I still haven’t mastered the art of making silly noises to get the horses attention. Silly Noises = Ears Forward. Nope…not necessarily. Challenge for 2016 accepted!

The Dalby Stockhorse Sale isn’t just about horses, vendors, selling agents and buyers. There was so much more and I am the first to admit I didn’t realise just how much was on offer. The fashion parade was a highlight, with ladies modelling the latest fashionable shirts from Hitchley & Harrow.

Then there were all the different stalls including the husband and wife team who create an array of wooden items out of old tree stumps and the Rustic Hyde Skincare products on offer by Melissa Thies, Dalby. Another impressive stall was Enhance Equine – Australia, which is owned by Emma Hyde, Warra, and she makes bags of all different shapes and sizes, colours and designs.

As I stated before it isn’t all about the sale but with more than 3000 people expected in Dalby over that weekend you take notice of what they all have in common. Men, women and children travelled from near and far to sell, buy, inspect and socialise.

These renowned annual events don’t just happen. There are many people working behind the scenes and I would love to congratulate both the Darling Downs Stockhorse Society and exclusive selling agents, GDL, for running such a great and successful sale.

I would like to personally thank Erica Stewart from Empress Enterprises for giving me the opportunity to capture images throughout the two days that I was there and to have the privilege of working alongside Margaretta Travers and Sue Waldron. They are both well respected in the photography world and I was delighted to be a part of the action.

This event has broadened my photographic reach and I look forward to branching out and covering more horse events in 2016.

Until next time – happy snapping!



NB: If you weren't snapped by CCP, consider getting in contact with either of the other two photographers Margaretta Travers (image below) or Sue Waldron through the Darling Downs Stockhorse Society. Maybe they captured images of you instead...

Margaretta Travers capturing all the selling action on Sunday
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