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A Spider’s touch in Morning Dew

Have you ever stopped and shared a moment with a spider and watched him weave his magic? I did a couple of mornings ago and I was mesmerized by what he was doing and how he was going about creating his home.

The morning’s dew was all around as I watched this fascinating little creature create this amazing piece of art known as a ‘web’.

Noticing this, I then took a step back and absorbed the beauty that surrounded me. Often I walk around the garden but very rarely do I stop and ‘smell the roses’ so to speak.

On this particular morning though I did just that! (Even though the picture below is not of a rose, I did stop to admire its beauty).

As a sense of calm came over me, I decided to capture some more of these special moments on camera and phone (as you do). It was a great way to christen a new lens that I had just recently purchased.

From capturing the art of web making live on my phone to the dew drops glistening on the leaves.........

........and new buds beginning to open on my newly planted gems, I felt at ease and ready to explore.

How often do you/we stop and soak up the little things going on around us?

I can’t speak for you or anyone else but I do know this….some days I feel I am so caught up in everything else that is going on around me that very rarely do I find myself in the now.

It is nice every once in a while to stop and acknowledge the simple things around us.

So if you find yourself running ragged over the weekend – stop for a moment and take in your surroundings. You too may feel at ease with everything, if not just for a brief moment.

Until next time…happy snapping!


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