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QCWA Honours Handcrafters

Three handcrafting ladies have been awarded a state bar badge at the 93rd annual QCWA conference; the highest accolade a handcrafter can be decorated with.

Gloria Goulding, Bapaume, Border division, Branka Medlock, Oakwood, Burnett division, and Yvonne McDonald, Banana, Port Curtis division, were all presented with a state bar in Gympie on October 27.

Mrs Medlock said there is so much history in craft which she, as a state bar recipient, can help preserve.

“If we don’t pass on our knowledge of these crafts, then it will be lost forever,” Mrs Medlock said.

“What we do is all about keeping the craft alive whilst maintaining a standard.”

Some of the disciplines under the handcraft banner include knitting, jewellery making, card making, wood burning, bead work, needlework and patchwork.

There is an extensive process QWCA ladies go through before they can even dream of earning a state bar.

“To become a handcraft teacher, you must earn six passes and spend a certain amount of time teaching handcraft,” Mrs Medlock said.

“Your branch nominates you to your division, and then your division nominates you to the state committee for approval. Once you have your teachers pass, you progress to an advanced level.

“In the advance stage you do two classes per year, and you need to earn your advance pass before you can be considered for a state bar.”

Mrs Medlock said once you get past the protocol, handcrafting is all about the craft and friendship.

“It’s all not hard work. There really is a lot of pleasure in it.”

The state handcraft committee celebrated its 70th anniversary this year, something the Queensland handcraft chairperson Lyn Eggleton is very proud of.

“When the handcraft committee was formed, it meant we could have an exhibition. We wanted to be able to continue the work of many talented ladies and showcase it to everyone,” Mrs Eggleton said.

“Up until recently we were the only committee to have teachers, which we think is important to pass on skills into the future.”

Words by Andrea Schulz

Approved for distribution by QCWA

Images by Sarah Coulton

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