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QCWA - I Dare You...

The week beginning October 26th 2015 marked the start of the 93rd annual QCWA state conference in Gympie, where over three hundred ladies congregated and mingled for four wonderful days.

When you mention the Country Women’s Association most people picture a group of ladies sitting around eating scones with jam and cream and knitting. Well funnily enough that couldn’t really be further from the truth. Yes there is knitting, and cakes and delicious relishes, and we can’t forget about the handcraft and flower arrangements – there are some very talented people amongst this group. But it is more about what they do outside of that that is impressive.

There are 3600 QCWA members who are spread throughout Northern, Central and Southern Queensland. From there it is broken down into twenty divisions and of those they break up into 255 branches. These ladies and their loved ones support their communities throughout the year and in some cases during times of need. They are always close by when the floods, drought or fires hit. Who else would you want feeding you during these hard times!

Not to mention all the amazing work they do overseas. I could go on and on but I dare you to look into the life of a CWA member yourself…

They support all walks of life. At this year’s state conference over three hundred state conference delegates supported the resolution carried unanimously requesting state and federal governments to introduce a program recognising that there must be a standard of respect amongst people for themselves and others regardless of age, gender, beliefs or culture. And I agree that “the institutions of this country should be respected”. The other major topic at the conference this year was the changing of the constitution. I was informed by many that I had just witnessed history in the making. There was so much passion, loyalty and honour amongst the women that I felt proud to be a part of it.

These women come from all over Queensland and for some it was their first official outing as CWA members. The smiles on their faces as they caught up with old friends and the delight they shared when newbies came along was a real treat. It is an over whelming experience and I recommend it to everyone.

This conference was my seventh and like every year before it I thoroughly enjoyed my time away with these inspiring women. It is lovely to see three generations wandering through and the young leaders coming up through the ranks.

For this conference I was delighted to have the support of a dear friend by my side. The very talented Andrea Schulz was on hand to cover the event for Coulton’s Country Photography. It was Andrea’s first time being at a QCWA conference and I am happy to inform you all that she has put her hand up for next year’s gathering in Gladstone.

So to the people out there who have not been to a state conference – I dare you. You just never know, you may even be tempted to become a member yourself.

Until next time,

Happy snapping


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