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Big Birds In The Sky

I am all for planes and I take my hat off to anyone who flies them, but I must admit I go weak in the knees and my stomach starts to cartwheel once I am in one. The minute I take a seat my legs start to do a little jig and my palms get sweaty. With bigger planes I am not as bad, however I wouldn't say I am great with those either.

At Christmas time my darling husband bought me a beginners flying lesson. I think he got more of a thrill out of seeing my face when I worked out what it was than what I did with his choice of gift giving. It’s the thought that counts right? Haha let’s just say he liked the idea somewhat more than me. But hey…I went up and once I master the fear factor I should be ok!!

This dear husband of mine has been trying for years to convince me that flying is the way to go. And yes it makes sense…..less time to get somewhere, more time to visit people and enjoy yourself! He tries to win me over by telling me how long it would take us to get to the coast. He has worked out how long it would take to get to each of my girlfriends houses and all the cool places we could travel to in-between.

He is slowly convincing me but the major holdups are I need to control my nerves and this incredible fear of falling. Funnily enough I am not scared of heights (a couple of years ago I jumped out of a plane – yeah go figure! Bucket list = tick), it’s more the fear of falling through stuff e.g. a manhole. Crazy weird hey….. But if he keeps enticing me with little bits of info, then maybe one day he will win me over.

Like my photography is a passion for me, planes are a passion for others.

So back in March I visited the ‘Clifton Fly In Day’ with friends and had a bit of fun photographing all the different styles of planes. Yet another first for Coulton’s Country Photography.

The thing I loved most about this day was seeing the passion in others and being mesmerised by the fact planes were coming and going with a sorghum crop right beside the runway. I was pretty impressed with the backdrop – what do you think?

I have picked my favourites - I wonder if you have one?

Until next time – happy snapping.


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