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Judging at Wandoan Show

What a treat it was to judge the adult and juvenile photography competition at the Wandoan Show this year. There were over 450 images exhibited, doubling in numbers since last year, and setting a new record for the stewards.

Judging the adult and juvenile photography was a real treat at the Wandoan show.
Over 450 images were exhibited at the 2016 Wandoan Show.

With seven categories in the juvenile section and eighteen categories in the adult group, it kept me busy and was a great challenge. Everyone who competed in the Photography section should be proud of themselves and delighted with the range of talent that is out there.

Wandoan Show society changed their show days this year from Monday and Tuesday to Friday and Saturday.

The sun was shining down on both days and more than 140 Santa Gertrudis cattle strutted their stuff, for Wandoan hosted the Santa Feature Show this year as well. There were plenty of cattle to be judged in both the stud and prime cattle sections.

Public speaking is learnt through the young judges competitions.

The younger generation kept the momentum going by parading and judging and building their confidence with every step they took and every word they spoke.

Across the two days I managed to capture some candid images of people out and about.

There was plenty to see and do and keeping true to my word, I ventured forward to find something different at this year’s Wandoan show.

Not only did I find something new (which I will tell you about in a minute) but I managed to sneak a few shots of people admiring different bits and pieces at the show.

Locals and visitors admired many sections at the 2016 Wandoan show.

Remember Ag Shows are not just about the area in which you are passionate about. There are so many sections that if you take the time to look around it may surprise you how talented some people really are, or that your talents could be showcased as well. If you stop and have a chat about what they are exhibiting you may be interesting in learning a little more, or if you are like me you may learn something new.

Have you ever heard of a “Widow Maker’? Neither had I until last Saturday. From what I learned it is a scraper that back in its day used to take a few lives here and there, hence the name. Anyway it would break in a certain spot and come flying into the back of the chair where the operator was sitting. Not a pleasant thing to happen I am sure. I wonder if they had danger money back in those days??

If you’re interested, there is some information and a picture regarding one of the scraper's in the CCP gallery (Around the Rings - 2016 Wandoan Show ). Just follow the links and scroll through the pics.

Otherwise if you have time now....

Locals and visitors admired many sections at the 2016 Wandoan show.
Vivienne and Lochlan Fraser, Chinchilla, were impressed by the size of the pumpkins.

Until next time – happy snapping,


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