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WOLF a Hit

Great bunch of ladies (and gents) – check!

Superb location – check!

Motivational speakers, industry professionals and passionate guests –

Check! Check! Check!

What more could you ask for when attending an industry’s first?

On Saturday I was able to visit Jimbour House for the first time and be a part of a remarkable High Tea that was held by the newly established Women of Lot Feeding organisation. Four ladies together with the help of their mentors held the inaugural event at the historic homestead and they along with the luxurious venue did not disappoint.

Jimbour House is a historical homestead which is perfect for any event.

WOLF as it has becoming known is “a not-for-profit organisation, which has been created to establish a professional networking platform for women involved in the lot feeding industry, both directly and indirectly”. The group’s mission is “to create and maintain a network of passionate women within the lot feeding sector by providing inspiration, support, networks & opportunity, to help pave the way for sustainable careers in the Australian Lot Feeding industry”.

The afternoon was a triumphant success with over 150 people coming from all over Southern Queensland and Northern NSW. It was not only a day for women, but for both women and men to network and connect with each other. For those who are passionate about what they do and determined to get good, positive messages out there for others to see and read. From the conversations that were had people were inspired and impressed by the magnitude of the day.

More than 150 guests attended the inaugural High Tea event held by WOLF at Jimbour House.

I for one thoroughly enjoyed listening to each of the three guest speakers, Grassdale Feedlot manager Jordan Peach, Mort & Co, Dalby, ALFA president Tess Herbert, Gundamain Feedlot, Eugowra, NSW, and Susan Bower, Westpac Agribusiness, Singleton, NSW. I found them inspirational and was able to take away some interesting points from each of their talks.

Guest speakers ALFA president Tess Herbert, Gundamain Feedlot, Eugowra, NSW, Grassdale Feedlot manager Jordan Peach, Mort & Co, Dalby, and Susan Bower, Westpac Agribusiness, Singleton, NSW.

The cool breeze made the warm autumn day pleasant and allowed everyone to mingle and build on their networking circles. I would like to thank the WOLF girls – Amanda Moohen, Janeta Falknau, Rozzie O’Reilly and Georgie Sloss for allowing me the opportunity to sponsor your event and cover an outstanding occasion.

How could you not enjoy an afternoon when mingling with passionate people, looking up at Jimbour House and admiring the well-manicured gardens.

Women of Lot Feeding committee members Amanda Moohen, Rozzie O'Reilly, Georgie Sloss and Janeta Falknau.

Please keep an eye out for the next WOLF event – you will not be disappointed!

Until next time – happy snapping!

Sarah xx

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