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A Family's Sunday Best

Properties have a uniqueness about them. Often there are old buildings, fences, yards and other bits and pieces around the place which make for some interesting photographic locations. The shoot I did on a family farm last month had just that. There was an old house that had been turned into a hay shed making it a great location both inside and out.

On arrival I introduced myself and met a group of people who at first weren't overly keen to have their photographs taken. This is a greeting I receive regularly where ever I go with my camera and especially when it comes time to update the family photos. However with a little encouragement and accepting it was a family affair, they quickly changed into their Sunday best and off we went.

It was a challenge to get up inside the old shack, with no steps and the floor boards lifting, everyone had to watch their footing. Once inside it was somewhat spacious and I was informed that they can fit hundreds and hundreds of hay bales in there. If only the house could talk, how interesting would it be to hear what has gone on around those four walls over the years?

Having twelve people walking towards me was entertaining. Not only did I have to try and get them to all keep their heads up but I had to somehow capture a moment where all their eyes were open at the same time too. Unfortunately it was not to be on this particular day but I still like the feel of this image. It shows a group of people linked together by blood and love, who are able to laugh and share experiences together, which in turn become memories.

After a few different takes on capturing the loving family that stood before me, we headed back up to the main house. From there we engaged the family home and adjoining paddock and finished the day off with a more relaxed mob.

Family is everything.


Until next time – happy snapping.


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