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AG - What's It To You?

One of my last assignments for 2015 was a fun one. I was given the opportunity to come up with an image that represented the agricultural industry, which in turn would be used for the cover of my client’s 2016 calendar. The requirements were it had to be “ag” based and generic.

Keeping this in mind I rang a mate and asked if he could help me out. After some discussion we decided on a particular day and decided that late arvo would cover all bases.

Harvesting for them had finished, yet they had grain left over and this became one of our first props. That and the trusty farmer’s hat and a pair of good old working hands. As the sun started to slowly set in the west we captured a few moments and the stubble in the paddock made a great backdrop.

The next stop was visiting the neighbour’s kids. Keeping with the generic theme we tried to hide the girls’ faces as they looked over the cattle in the feedlot. Sitting on the round hale bails as the sun set was adding to the appeal.

On our way home we stopped and snapped a couple of different shots of the lone windmill as the sun disappeared. The clouds gave it a majestic feel and after some tough decisions became the official winner of the calendar’s front cover.

The last shoot had us chuckling away, even though the mozzies should have carried us off instead. They were huge!! If anyone else had been around they would have thought we were stark raving mad…

Using the torches on our phones to set up a shot, we were deciding on what this all meant to us. Ag to me means farmers of all sorts, clean healthy living and food, animals and mateship.

What does "Ag" mean to you??

Until next time – keep snapping away,



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